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    Football is a game of inches, and every one counts when you’re going for the win. Introducing Omega, with 4 times more tech than any other ball on the market and designed to optimize every stage of your throw.
    Omega features all-new, cutting-edge REVTECH by Wilson. Redistributed weight on the ball's interior increases revolutions on every throw, meaning a faster spin. A faster spinning ball takes less effort to get to your exact destination. The result is higher accuracy, more velocity, and longer distances. Pair higher RPMs with added grip features like Prime stitching, ACL lace, and sewn-on stripes, and Omega will transform your game — forever. Don't change your throw. Change your ball.

    Approved for game play by the NCAA and NFHS. Kit includes Football Brush.

Omega Game Football With Prep

    • REVTECH - Redistributed interior weight provides 3-8% higher spin rate, equates to 60 more RPM’s for better accuracy, velocity and distance on every throw.
    • RAPID BREAK-IN LEATHER - Pre-treated leather reduces break-in time for a softer feel and easier grip. Simply brush your new football (brush included) to enhance grip for game day.
    • PRIME STITCHING - Middle finger and index finger stitching for throwing off-lace, quick release and ball security.
    • ACCURATE CONTROL LACING (ACL) – laces are pebbled instead of smooth and provide more grip in all conditions.
    • SEWN-ON STRIPES – Patented stripes are composite material instead of paint and provide 82% more grip to aid release for more accurate throws.
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